Students are inviting other students from around the globe to join them for a Humanity Day. This year, the Humanity Day is celebrated on the 24th of March, as this date marks one month since the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian forces.

As people we have not taken one day to look at the humanity in us and how we can grow together.

World Leaders are having hard time-solving conflicts and the problems of our planet.

So a group of students from a school in Romania has shown care and leadership. They are stepping up. They are calling to action 3.000.000 students from around the world.​

During 1-day students can choose to

  • ACT: organize student-led humanity lessons for their classmates, teachers. They can choose to invite parents or other members of their community.
  • RAISE AWARENESS: come to school wearing BLUE or YELLOW (colors of Ukraine). 
  • DONATE: make a personal minimum donation of 1$ or 1Euro to support Ukrainian children.


Schools and students can choose to donate to the charity of their choice. To learn what the initiators of this project are doing please see below.

Our goal is to raise 250.000 Eur.

The funds will be allocated with the support of the student leaders coordinating this initiative. The funds will go to regional registered Charities working on the first line with Ukrainian children and refugees in the countries around Ukraine.

What will we do with the donations?

  • Activities: have access to online or face to face activities with teachers from Ukraine
  • Supplies: “School in a backpack”- receive technology, books, textbooks, and school equipment
  • A Warm Welcome in schools: psychosocial, emotional, and educational needs to enhance their resilience, which will be critical for mid-range and short-term recovery.
  • Medicine: we will send medicine for young people in Ukraine. 


It’s time Students use their voices for Humanity.
#humanityday #hereforukraine #hereforhumanity

Student-Led Lessons

“Schools have been built on the paradigm that students come to school to learn from adults. Maybe it’s time we try to change more of this paradigm. More and more schools from around the world are introducing student-led learning. We want to raise awareness that children and students can be great teachers in kindness, caring, acting with the best intentions and friendship. Maybe it’s time we take a pause from adults teaching and let our children lead us”

Ruxandra Mercea
an adult being amazed at what young people can do when we give them our trust.


  • Peer-to-peer learning (student to student) can have a big impact. Let’s see it.
  • Students are very creative when they are given a safe space to try, build, imagine, discover, lead.
  • The world is one big classroom. Let’s take a humanity class together.



  • Anything from 15 minutes to a whole lesson. Schools can choose to turn one, two, or more lessons during the day into student-led lessons.
  • One student or a group of students teaching other students, teachers, administrative staff.
  • Students can choose to invite parents or other members of their community to assist and interact in the debates following the presentations.
  • Any format is welcomed: debates, presentations, songs, arts and crafts, even tests 🙂 where hopefully we all pass.
  • Students can choose to integrate any of the below ideas into their current lessons of history, music, art, languages, etc.
  • Topics like: kindness, tolerance, creativity, leadership, student leaders, resilience, compassion, the impact of war, conflicts and conflict resolution, or any other topic you feel are linked to Humanity.
  • Get the participants to learn the lessons in humanity from the past.
  • Students can use the awareness and apply the learnings to make a difference in their community through unsolicited acts of kindness. Kindness starts with each one of us. The world will be a better place if we choose to care and be there for each other.

Students can choose to create videos, posters, letters during the lessons and send them to the leaders in their community or other leaders that inspire them.

It’s time Students use their voices for Humanity!

Enroll School

What do you need to do at school?
  1. Enroll your school and sign the Humanity School promise.
  2. Choose a day starting with the 24th of March (one month since the invasion of Ukraine). The one day can be any day during the week of 24th to 31st of March.
  3. Communicate in your school and get as many students involved.
  4. Organize:
    • dress in Blue and Yellow during the day.
    • teach lessons about kindness, compassion, the impact of war, conflict resolution, or any other topic you feel is linked to Humanity.
    • take pictures for our world collage, teach and fundraise.
  5. Raise funds to support children from Ukraine.

DONATE as a person

School Kit

Contains Posters, “The School Promise”, Logo, etc.